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Rider & Quesenberry is a young firm, formed in early 2008 when our two partners resigned as partners from Grand Junction's oldest firm to form a strictly business/transactional practice.  Our work is primarily transactional work and business planning for local businesses and their owners.  It is gratifying to help these men and women reach their objectives over many years.  We are also proud to be the only "Red Book" bond counsel in Western Colorado, and often advise issuers and borrowers in varied public finance transactions.
We also have some fine institutional clients we are very proud of that offer some of our most interesting creative and analytical challenges.  More lawyer firepower could help us develop all these promising practice areas.
Bar, social and community involvement are important for our firm, including for our young lawyers.  We also encourage substantial pro bono contributions.
Our non-lawyer staff is sensational.  When we formed Rider & Quesenberry, our staffing policy was one sentence:  "Hire adults and treat them accordingly."  We are a happy shop, and have top-drawer staff we truly like and respect.  Our clients tell us constantly how lucky we are, but they don't need to.  
Grand Junction and Western Colorado
A lot can be said about the pleasures of living and working in Grand Junction and the Mountain West generally, and we've provided some links to give you a taste of all the City and the area offers.  There are also some features that these links won't reveal that have been important to us and our happiness here, both professionally and personally. 
First, the big professional factor: Our local bar association (approx. 300 lawyers) is a reputable, generous, ethical and courteous group of professionals, many of them pursuing the higher calling of law practice.  (The less-than-handful of exceptions is well-known.)  When you deal with lawyers in Grand Junction and Western Colorado, you will usually be dealing with lawyers you like, trust and respect.  The same is true of our clients.  We all like to earn a good living, but one's income does not define one's stature in Grand Junction.
Our lawyers and their families have found over the years that living in Grand Junction offers another rare benefit: the chance to truly influence your own larger living environment.  Citizens here can participate in important local commissions and influential local and state organizations.  For example, our two partners and their spouses have served on numerous City, County, Regional and State boards and commissions, ranging from the Grand Junction Planning Commission, the local airport authority board, the Grand Junction Art & Cultural Commission, the Mesa County Area Health Care Planning Commission, the Mesa County Air Quality Advisory Board, the Mesa County Land Trust, the Mesa County Economic Development Council, Mesa County's One-Book Festival, the Mesa State College Foundation, the Colorado Endowment for the Humanities, and the local and state public radio boards of directors.
This excludes, of course, the enriching menu of wholly personal pursuits like international service organizations, book clubs, charities, and bar association offices at the local and state levels.
Grand Junction appeals to all kinds of families for many reasons.  The links below will help you find information that is pertinent to you, whether it concerns housing, health care, recreation, education, arts and culture, or the local business and economic climate.
The following websites may be of interest to you:
Grand Junction Visitor and Convention Bureau
Mesa County
City of Grand Junction
Western Colorado Congress
Downtown Grand Junction
City of Fruita
Grand Junction Arts & Culture Commission
Museum of Western Colorado
Palisade Chamber of Commerce
Colorado National Monument
Powderhorn Ski Resort
Rimrock Adventures
St. Mary's Hospital
Colorado Mesa University
Mesa County Valley School District 51
Caprock Academy
Bray Real Estate
REMAX 4000
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