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Are you getting your Fair Pay that you deserve?

Are you being paid fairly for all work related to your job?

Are you being paid correctly for overtime work?

Do you believe your employer owes you money?

We can help you recover your hard-earned wages.

Regardless of whether you are paid by the hour, are part time or even salaried, you could be eligible for overtime time. If you are required to perform an activity to start your work, like warm up a piece of equipment or dress for a lab, you are entitled to pay for that time. If you are asked to perform a favor for the company during personal time, you are eligible for additional compensation.

Far too often employers do not pay their employees correctly, and you may have been deprived of wages you have earned. You know it is unfair, and even though you are angry and frustrated, you may be afraid to speak out or are not sure of your options. You simply want to be paid fairly.

Our experienced labor law attorneys will review your situation and outline potential legal remedies.

Using the statutes of the Fair Labor Standards Act, we can help you recover past wages, overtime pay and even liquidated damages up to twice your wage claim. Your employer will also be responsible for paying attorney's fees.

If your current or past employer has cheated you out of wages, fight back! Whether intentional or simply a mistake, fair is fair. If you know you have not been correctly compensated for your work or just feel that something doesn't add up, contact us. We will provide a quick and easy analysis of your past pay and wage information, then give you an honest appraisal of your situation and discuss your eligibility for back pay.

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Too often employees are afraid of being terminated if they ask questions or speak up for what is fair. You need to know that the law protects you from retaliation for seeking wages that are owed to you. In fact, there are both criminal and civil charges that can be filed against an employer who takes any punitive action against an employee.

Wage and overtime laws recognize the imbalance of power between employee and employer, and they have been put in place to protect you. Our fair wages attorneys will help you understand your rights under the law, and remove fears you may have about taking deserved and rightful action to receive compensation that is owed you.

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